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Church By-laws

Learn how Trinity is governed by taking a look at our By-Laws. You will find information on membership qualifications, officer positions, and the different offices of ministry that makeup Trinity. Follow the link below to read our By-Laws. 

Church Leadership

Board of trustees

Ed Thomas Chairman

Dale Lewis  Vice Chairman

Jasmine Bonds

Craig Enck

Richard Gue

David Leesnitzer

Marc Mason

Petra Roche

Lee Schwarzenberg

Dexter Slaughter

Joe Sousa

Board of trustees

Ted Beaver

Raul Gomez

Barbara Meek

Church finances

At Trinity, our goal is to be transparent and accountable with the way that we handle our finances. That's why you can find the approved budget for the current year as well as quarterly reports of where our money is going in the links below.


stay informed...

Missed the last business meeting? Trying to remember what was discussed? Don't worry! Click the link below to find the meeting minutes.

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