Adult ministries

The centerpiece of our mission is to raise up followers of Jesus Christ who will make a difference in their spheres of influence. We aim to make disciples who want to grow in their love and faith and fulfill their God-given potential.

Co-ed Bible study

Our Co-Ed Bible study is a place for both men and women to come together in-person and virtually for those not comfortable meeting yet. The study is an inductive study by observing, interpreting, and applying the Bible. Everyone is invited to join this study and fellowship. 

Co-ED Bible Study

Wednesday @ 10:30AM

Virtual Gathering

Wednesday @ 2:30PM

Women's Ministry

Our women's ministry provides and opportunity for ladies to come together and grow together as sisters in Christ. They study God's Word and share insights with each other to go beyond religion and have a deeper relationship with Jesus. TBC also holds a monthly Ladies Blessings Breakfast gathering with a time for fellowship, worship, and the Word. Finally, they have women's retreats and other events throughout the year. 

Here are some ways to connect with our women's ministry:

Ladies Bible Study

Tuesday@ 7:00PM

Ladies Blessings Breakfast

1st Saturday of each month @ 9:00AM 

Men's Ministry

Our men's ministry exists to help men from various churches be the Godly men, husbands, and fathers that God wants them to be. Through informal discussions, weekly Bible study, and fellowship at the monthly Men's Breakfast they seek to help one another grow and step up as both men and brothers in Christ. The Wednesday study is now available virtually for those not comfortable joining. 

Here are some ways to connect to with our men's ministry:

Men of Courage Bible Study

Wednesday @ 7:00PM


2nd Saturday of each month @ 8:30AM


3rd weekend of September

seasoned saints

seniors ministry

Our senior's ministry provides opportunities for older members to connect. Trinity Bible Church wants our elders to feel valued and be able to enjoy their golden years in a friendly and healthy environment. Through various types of activities, our seniors are able to share their wisdom, life experiences, and gifts... AND be able to have fun at the same time!

If you're interested in connecting with our Seasoned Saints senior's ministry, please email us at

Prayer ministry

Prayer is a crucial and powerful tool for the born-again Christian. God wants us to bring our prayers and supplications to Him. This ministry isn't just for your "prayer warrior" types but for all to join together in the Name of Jesus. We invite you to come out and pray weekly. 

prayer meeting

Thursday @ 11:30AM

New Christians

If you are new to Christianity, we want to accompany you on your journey! Everything from the songs we sing to the lingo we use and the Bible passages we read can seem like a lot to grasp. Our Pastor and Deacons desire to help new Christians develop a strong foundation in Scripture as well as grow deeper into relationship with Christ.


If you have any questions regarding your new walk with Jesus, please click the button below to email us so we can further help. 

We have two upcoming studies that are designed for new believers but are also very beneficial for believers at any stage of their walk. Both studies are full of things that every Christian needs to know to start and defend their faith.

Foundations Study

Upcoming Fall 2020

 This study will explore the foundational pillars of our Bible-based, Christian faith. 

Apologetics Study

Upcoming Spring 2021

 This study will dive into WHY we believe what we believe and gives us all the ability to defend the truths in Scripture.